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At Mansa Holdings, we believe that by creating a safe work environment, we can maximize our ability to prevent employees from suffering injuries in the workplace or contracting any occupational diseases.

  • Our employees’ health and safety is of the highest importance to us and we do not neglect this principle in search of achieving production or financial targets. Ensuring the safety of every staff member is the direct responsibility of Mansa Holdings’ management at all levels.
  • All accidents can and should be prevented. As an employer we are responsible for identifying and eliminating workplace risks. Our policy is to suspend operations in circumstances that pose any danger to employees.
  • On all project sites, applicable labor and fire safety regulations are strictly followed. We ensure all of our operations comply with the laws and standards of the countries in which we operate.
  • Employee expertise, knowledge, and responsibility in the field of safety are crucial for safe operations. We conduct regular coaching and training of personnel and the employees of our contractors to avoid life-threatening situations.
  • Employees’ responsible behavior and adherence to operational safety rules must be recognized. Mansa Holdings supports initiatives on the improvement of labor safety conditions.







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